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Vertical, Submersible, LT (Laundry Tray) Sump Pumps

Allied 2SA Sump Pump UnitAllied 2SA Sump Pump


  • Wet Pit Type
  • Single or Duplex
  • Completely Automatic
  • Heavy Duty
  • For Boiler Blow-down
  • For Special Liquids
  • For Effluent
  • For Drainage & Seepage Water
  • Steel and Cast Iron Basins
  • Grouting Frames and Pit covers
  • Economical
  • Trouble Free Operation

The Allied type "2SA" vertical wet pit sump pump is an effective, economical, engineered product to be used for discharge of drainage, effluent, boiler blow down, etc., where gravity disposal is not practical nor possible. The "SA" can be constructed of special alloys for applications which contain corrosive liquids such as alkalies and acids.

Construction Features

Casing: Volute design for high efficiency. Close grained cast iron for high strength. Accurately machined to assure uniform impeller clearance , and rigid permanent alignment with the hanger pipe.

Shaft: Steel, cold finished, high tensile strength, turned, ground and polished, of ample diameter for maximum speed operation without vibration. The shaft is provided with a micrometer adjustment at the thrust bearing to permit proper centering of impeller in casing.

Bearings: A heavy duty grease lubricated ball thrust bearing, elevated above the pump support plate, mounted in a dust and moisture proof housing located in the motor pedestal, supports the impeller, shaft , and flexible coupling weight. Bronze lower and intermediate guide bearings are spaced to restrain shaft deflection thereby eliminating vibration.

Impeller: a semi closed one piece two-vane bronze impeller, with pump-out vanes on the back shroud, dynamically balanced, reduces back pressure on the lower bearing and permits long life, and efficient operation.


Support Leg: Made of seamless steel pipe to maintain accurate alignment of pump bearings, and serve as a rigid support for pump casing.

Discharge Pipe: 2" heavy seamless steel pipe supported at the floor plate and furnished with an expansion fitting at the casing connection to eliminate piping strain on the pump.

Floor Plate: A heavy fabricated steel pump support plate is furnished to permit sump pump installation or removal without disturbing other equipment mounted on the cover.

Control: An integral float switch assembly actuated by a large heavy gauge copper float makes positive contact.

Motor: Of well known motor manufacturers standard NEMA construction are furnished and are selected for quiet operation. Motors are connected by a flexible coupling and are mounted on a one piece cast iron support pedestal which is machined to maintain perfect alignment between the pump and motor shaft.

Allied Type LT Automatic Laundry Tray UnitAllied Type LT


  • Completely Assembled
  • Economical
  • Dependable
  • For Waste Water Below Sewer or Cesspool Level
  • Condensate Disposal
  • Pump & Motor Removable Without Disturbing Inlet Piping

The Allied "LT" is an economical, effective, packaged waste water disposal unit designed for automatic ejection of equipment drains, laundry tray drains, etc. where gravity drainage is not possible nor practical.

Equipment Features

Pump: Bronze fitted liquid end, with stainless steel shaft and non-clog impeller designed for pumping waste water.

Receiver: Welded copper bearing steel 5 and 10 gallon capacity with rust resistant coating.


Motor: 1/3 Hp, single phase, 60 cycle 115 volts, 1750 RPM with built in thermal overload. Motor is complete with heavy extension cord and plug.

Float Switch: Motor mounted, operated by displacer type floats with stainless steel cable.

Sump and Sewage Basins

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