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Allied Ejecto Sewage Ejector UnitsAllied Ejecto Sewage Ejector


  • Economical
  • Factory Assembled Package
  • Full 3" Screenless Non-Clog
  • Passes Through 30" Doorway
  • 3 Water Closet Capability
  • Low Cost Trouble-Free Operation
  • For That Extra Playroom or Basement Bathroom
  • Will Pump All Matter Which Passes Through:
    Garbage Disposal, Sink, Laundry Tray, Water Closet, Waste Line



Capacity GPM

Head in Feet

Horse Power










The Allied "Ejecto" is an efficient, economical packaged sewage pump designed primarily for "that extra set of fixtures" which are located such that gravity drainage is not possible nor practical. The entire unit will pass through a 30" doorway

Equipment Features

Pump: Non-clog sewage pump with full 3" discharge. Has bronze lower sleeve bearing and ball thrust bearing in cast iron motor pedestal perfectly aligned to eliminate all vibration. 2-vane back shrouded impeller with pump-out vanes is designed to pass all sewage and stringy material and eliminate binding at the back. Pump and motor are connected with a flexible coupling which insures quiet operation.

Motor: Standard NEMA frame of a major manufacturer 3/4 HP, 1750 RPM. All single phase, 60 cycle, 115/230 volt motors have built in thermal overload and are of the capacitor type. Three phase motors, when furnished, include magnetic starters of overload protection.

Shaft: The pump shaft is made of a high grade stainless steel, ground and polished, and is of a large diameter designed for high torque. The pump shaft is made of a high grade stainless steel, ground and polished, and is of a large diameter designed for high torque.


Basin: A heavy duty steel basin is furnished as standard. The basin is treated with a corrosion resistant coating. Cast iron basins can be furnished and are recommended only in installations with severe sub-surface water conditions. Basins are provided with a 4" caulk inlet, 3" vent, and a large removable hand hole to permit access, as a standard. The pump and motor can be removed without disturbing the basin cover.

Control: An integral float switch assembly is furnished. The float switch assembly is complete with a large diameter copper float, brass float rod and adjustable float stops. The duplex "Ejecto" can be furnished with an alternating float switch

Allied SE Sewage EjectorAllied SE Sewage Ejector


  • Single or Duplex
  • Heavy, Duty, Non-Clog
  • Pump-Out-Vanes
  • Steel and Cast Iron Basins
  • Pit Covers and Pit Frames
  • Trouble Free Operation

The Allied "SE" is a heavy duty non-clog type sewage ejector, engineered and built to meet the requirements of pumping sewage and similar unscreened liquids containing suspended solids wheel gravity drainage is not practical nor possible. The "SE" is economical and dependable and is capable of handling both hot and cold waste

Equipment Features

Casing: Close grained cast iron volute with large smooth rounded passages designed to handle unscreened sewage and liquids with stringy or large solids which will pass through the impeller. The volute and discharge port are a one piece casting.

Impeller: Two-vane, one piece construction, with pump-out vanes on back shroud, dynamically balanced, reduces back pressure on the lower bearing and permits long life. Rags and stringy material along with solids in liquid suspension are easily handled by this non-clog impeller.

Shaft: Steel, high tensile strength, turned, ground, and polished of ample diameter for maximum speed operation without vibration. The shaft is provided with a micrometer adjustment at the thrust bearing to permit proper centering of impeller in casing. Stainless steel shafts can be furnished to meet particular requirements.

Shaft Column: Flanged, heavy wrought steel pipe encases the pump shaft. Installed from underside of pump support plate to top of pump casing, accurately registered to maintain rigid and permanent alignment with any shaft length.

Discharge Pipe: Seamless steel, supported at the pump support plate and furnished with an expansion fitting at the casing connection to prevent strain on the pump. Standard construction includes the discharge pipe extending through the support plate above grade. Below grade discharge connections are also available.


Support Plate: Heavy steel, supports the entire ejector. The discharge pipe flange is bolted to the support plate to prevent piping strain transmission to the pump volute. The support plate permits the entire unit to b installed or removed without disturbing other equipment mounted on the same cover.

Thrust Bearing: A sealed, heavy duty, ball thrust bearing in a moisture and dust proof housing is elevated above the pump support plate. The thrust bearing has ample capacity to support the weight of the shaft and impeller.

Intermediate Bearings: Bronze lower and intermediate guide bearings are spaced to restrain shaft deflection thereby eliminating vibration. Other materials than bronze can be furnished for special applications.

Lubrication: Each bearing is furnished with an individual grease line and pressure grease fitting. All grease fittings are installed on top of the pump support plate.

Flexible Coupling: Properly selected for specific horsepower and speed, and is accurately machined and balanced.

Motor: Of well known motor manufacturers standard NEMA construction are furnished and selected for quiet operation.

Sump and Sewage Basins

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